Folly Rules

The City of Folly Beach welcomes you to our beautiful community. We hope your visit will be fun for you and your family and you will visit again. There is one thing you can do which will help make your visit more enjoyable and prevent you or members of your family from being ticketed by the Department of Public Safety. READ THE FOLLOWING RULES AND REGULATIONS as they are strictly enforced. Thank you.

Parking Rules

  1. No parking on roadway. All 4 tires must be off the road. If white lines are painted, tires must be outside the white line.
  2. No parking against traffic. All vehicles must park with the flow of traffic.
  3. No parking in a crosswalk.
  4. No parking within 20 feet of an intersection.
  5. No parking on sidewalks.
  6. No blocking public or private driveways.
  7. No parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  8. No stopping, standing, or parking in a roadway.
  9. No diagonal parking unless posted. All parking must be parallel to the roadway.
  10. No parking on dunes or revetments.
  11. No parking in ADA accessible parking spaces unless visible ADA license tag or visible permit on vehicle.
  12. No parking on yellow curbs or within areas marked by yellow or red street lines.
  13. No parking behind yellow lines.

Beach Rules

DOGS are not allowed on the beach from 10 am to 6 pm from May 1st to Sept. 30th. At all other times they must be leashed and under control. Pick up your dog’s waste and remove from the beach. No pets are ever allowed on the pier.


NO GLASS is allowed on the beach.

NO PLASTIC, BALLOONS, OR STYROFOAM is allowed on the beach.

NO OPEN FIRES or FIREWORKS are allowed at any time.

NO LITTERING. IF YOU ARE GOING TO THE BEACH, PLEASE BRING GARBAGE BAGS AND TAKE TRASH TO CONTAINERS FOUND AT THE EACH BEACH ACCESS. Have BEACH PRIDE and help us keep our beach clean so you and others can enjoy it now and in years to come.

PERSONAL ITEMS LEFT ON THE BEACH after sunset, such as tents, canopies, coolers, volleyball nets, and umbrellas, shall be considered abandoned and the City has the right to take possession and dispose of said items. Please make sure you have all your personal property when you leave the beach.

SAND DUNES are protected and fragile. Beach Sea Oats and grass help protect the dunes. Stay off the dunes and use public walkovers, located at every block, to access the beach.

SEA TURTLES are an endangered species. Do not interfere with them in any way. No lights are allowed that illuminate the front beach between 10 pm and dawn from May 1st to October 31st. Hatchling turtles are disorientated by artificial light. Fill holes dug in sand before you leave the beach. If you see any adult sea turtles or hatchings call 843-588-2433 to report your sighting.

DIGGING HOLES deeper than 1ft on the beach is illegal. All holes must be filled before you leave the beach and no metal shovels are allowed.

STRONG RIP CURRENTS are common so swim with caution. Charleston County Parks and Recreation provides lifeguards at the West End County Park and from 2nd Street East to 3rd Street West beachfront from May through Labor Day.

SURFING without a leash is prohibited. From May 15th to Sept. 15th surfing is prohibited between 10 am to 6 pm from 2nd Street East to 3rd Street West, known as the swimming zone. From September 16th to May 14th, surfing is allowed in any area except surfing is always prohibited 200′ from the fishing pier.

SMOKING is prohibited on the beach and at all beach access points. In the Washout area, the paid parking on either side of the street is considered to be part of the beach access.  

City of Folly Beach Ordinances Enforced with Fines not to exceed $1,092.00

Have fun and let us know if there is anything we can do better and which will make your visit to Folly more enjoyable. We appreciate your input.

Golf Carts

  • RESIDENTS must register golf carts with the City and obtain golf cart stickers. Please be prepared to verify SC Golf Cart Registration information (from the SCDMV), proof of insurance, and that you have read the golf cart rules below. The application for stickers can be obtained at City Hall or by clicking here.
  • VISITORS cannot register golf carts that have been brought onto the island temporarily. State law requires that golf cart cannot be driven more than four miles from the address on the SCDMV registration, and therefore the City cannot issue decals for visitor’s golf carts.  The only exception is if you own a home on Folly and have included your Folly address on the SCDMV registration.
  • Rental golf carts must display valid SC Department of Motor Vehicles and City of Folly Beach stickers. Make sure the company you rent from is following these rules.
  • Golf carts can be driven across, but not on, Center St. or Folly Road.
  • The driver of a golf cart must be at least 16 years old and be in possession of a driver’s license, the SCDMV registration certificate, and proof of liability insurance.
  • Golf carts may not be operated at night.
  • Golf carts cannot be driven in the rain or at any other time that visibility is limited.
  • All drivers of golf carts are required to read the Folly Beach laws related to golf carts. The golf cart laws can be found in Chapter 73 of the City of Folly Beach Ordinances, which are on this Website.

All City Ordinances can be found at: City of Folly Beach Ordinances

Beach Rules(Printable)